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“I enjoy my work and when I can also add travel to the task at hand, it makes life all the more exciting.” - Maria O'Reilly

More About Maria O’Reilly Owner of Marilana Properties

Maria O'ReillyKeeping in line with her two passions, travel and business; in 2007 Maria O’Reilly launched, Marilana Properties, LLC, a luxury commercial property company where she owns and oversees a portfolio of properties in Chicago, Illinois; West Hollywood, Los Angeles; and Makaha, Hawaii in Honolulu.

Hailing from the heavenly islands of Hawaii, Maria O’Reilly learned to surf at a young age, so it’s no wonder Maria O’Reilly has chosen such a beautiful rental property in a Makaha to add to her company portfolio due to her fondness for the tropical paradise Hawaii has to offer.

Despite traveling the world and living abroad in a variety of other countries such as Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, the vibrant city life and culture of West Hollywood and Los Angeles still hold a very special place in Maria O’Reilly’s heart which is why she has chosen West Hollywood, Los Angeles as a key location for one of her luxurious apartment rentals.

“It’s always a pleasure to meet and befriend those along life’s path in this vast world we live in. To wherever my career at the time takes me, I strive to bring the same level of discipline and heart to the occasion. I think that’s why the tenants of Marilana Properties enjoy our properties and service so much.” – Maria O’Reilly

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